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Privacy Politics

  1. Introduction

LOS PORTALES S.A, hereinafter identified as “LOS PORTALES”, guarantees the highest discretion and protection of the personal data that the Users of its own web site, located at, may input into such web site, hereinafter identified as the “Web site”.

This document describes the Privacy Policy that regulates the processing of the personal data that the Users provide in the Web site.

  1. Objective and purpose

At LOS PORTALES we are aware of the highest consideration that the privacy of our customers has and of every person interested in our products and services. Being consistent with this consideration, we are committed to respect your privacy and to preserve the confidentiality of your private information and personal data. Thus, the objective of this privacy policy is to let our Users learn the way their personal data are gathered, processed and protected, pursuant to Law No. 27086 – The Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information, that are introduced through the Internet in the Web site available to you.

The purpose of the web site is to let people learn about the products and services that LOS PORTALES markets and to provide information about them, as well as to provide any other type of information that we believe may be of your interest and by creating a communication space for the Users.

  1. Legislation

This policy is regulated by the Peruvian Legislation and specifically by:

  • Law No. 29733 – Law on the Protection of Personal Data.
  • Supreme Decree No. 003-2013 JUS, that approves the Regulations issued under Law No. 29733.
  • Information security guidelines approved by Directorial Resolution No. 019-2013 JUS/ DGPDP.

LOS PORTALES develops its policy of personal data processing abiding to the ruling principles pursuant to Law No. 29733 - Law on the Protection of Personal Data and therefore:

  • Following the rule of law, it opposes to the gathering of personal data of our Users through false claims, unfair or illegal means.
  • Following the consent principle, in the processing of the personal data of our Users, their consent will prevail.
  • The personal data of our Users will be stored for a specific, explicit and legal purpose. It will not be extended to any other purpose if it is not established unequivocally as such at the time it is gathered, excluding the cases of activities of historical, statistical or scientific value when a procedure of disassociation or anonymization is used.
  • The personal data to be processed shall be truthful, accurate, updated as much as possible, necessary, pertinent and appropriate regarding the purpose they were stored for. They will be stored in such a way that their security is guaranteed, only for the time required, in order to fulfill the purpose of processing.
  • LOS PORTALES and, particularly, the individuals in charge of processing, adopt the technical, organizational and legal measures necessary to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the personal data. LOS PORTALES takes into account the appropriate security measures, according to the processing to be executed and the type of personal data.
  • LOS PORTALES informs its Users that they can exercise their right to personal data protection established in article 2 item 6 of the Constitution of 1993 before the National Authority on Data Protection and at the jurisdictional site before the Judiciary in order to start the corresponding habeas data process.
  1. Information

Users are informed that the personal data that they introduce in the forms that they may find under “Contact us” in the web site will be processed by LOS PORTALES in order to respond to their comments and to contact such Users, who will abide to this Privacy Policy.

The Laborum Company will process the personal data and the information the Users may provide under “Work with us”. LOS PORTALES has a service agreement with the Laborum Company in order to facilitate the hiring management of the employees to cover the job openings. The management and the processing of this information and of the personal data provided will be regulated by the “Terms and Conditions” established in this web site, whose e-mail address is

  1. Purpose of the personal information processing

The purposes of the personal data processing that the Users input into the forms in the web site are so that Los Portales may respond to the queries, requests and any other type of information that the Users may share and to be able to facilitate later any information that LOS PORTALES believes it may be of their interest.

Likewise, the Users that input their data into the different forms in the web site are authorizing LOS PORTALES specifically so that it may also use them to forward advertising information to them regarding the activities that the company develops in its business units (real-estate development, catering and tourism services, parking facilities, consumption and ancillary activities.)

  1. Personal data processing and consent

The personal data facilitated by the Users will be stored in the databases that are a part of the information system of LOS PORTALES and that will be processed in order to carry out the activities stated previously.

The personal data that the Users may input will only be known by and managed by LOS PORTALES’ staff. They may need to know such information in order to respond to the Users’ requests. These personal data will be processed fairly and legally and will not be used for any other incompatible purpose than those specified. The personal data facilitated by the Users will be processed with total confidentiality. LOS PORTALES commits to keep professional secret indefinitely and guarantees the duty to save them adopting all the necessary security measures.

  1. Communication of Personal Data

We report to the Users that the personal data that will be provided to us will not be shared with any third party unless stated otherwise. It is advisable for the Users to know that their personal data may be shared with the administrative entities, judicial authorities and/or law enforcement officials, if it is statutory.

  1. Personal data security

LOS PORTALES has implemented all technical and organizational measures required in order to guarantee the safety of the personal data, thus preventing its modification, loss, and processing and/or unauthorized entry. It has taken into account the status of the technology; the type of the data stored and the risks they are exposed to, whether they originate from a human action, from physical or natural means; as established by the current Peruvian legislation regarding personal data protection.

The company has also implemented additional security measures to reinforce confidentiality and information integrity and it keeps an ongoing supervision, control and evaluation of the processes to assure the privacy of personal data. However, the transfer of information through the communication networks and the Internet is not very safe; that is why, and in spite of the fact that LOS PORTALES will make its best efforts to protect personal data, it cannot guarantee their safety during the transfer to the web site. Therefore, all of the information that the Users may provide will be sent at their own risk. For that purpose, LOS PORTALES recommends its Users the highest diligence when they share with third parties or publish their personal information to avoid risking their personal data, waiving LOS PORTALES from any responsibility in case of theft, modifications or losses of illegal data.

  1. Exercise of rights

The Users that may have provided their personal data to LOS PORTALES may approach LOS PORTALES in order to exercise their access information rights, to update, to include, to correct, to delete, to prevent the transfer of their personal data, and to oppose to the processing or the objective processing of the data as established by the current Peruvian legislation. In order to exercise these rights, the Users may send their request to the following email address: with the reference “Personal Data Protection”, specifying their data, confirming their identity and the reasons for their request.

  1. Consent

When the Users accept the Privacy Policy they agree upon all the aspects stated in this document and they authorize us to process their personal data for the purposes stated previously.

  1. Other issues

For any query regarding this policy, you may contact us at the following email address:

  1. Validity and modification of the privacy policy

The Web Privacy Policy of LOS PORTALES has been updated as of July.

LOS PORTALES reserves the right to modify its Web Privacy Policy in the event that there is a modification in the current legislation, the doctrine, the jurisprudence, or due to its own corporate criteria. If any modification is introduced into this Policy, the new text will be published in this same web site, which is why we recommend the Users to visit it periodically.


Policy regarding the use of cookies


The corporation LOS PORTALES S.A, hereinafter identified as “LOS PORTALES”, describes in this document the Policy on the use of Cookies that regulates the web site with URL, hereinafter identified as the Web site, for the sake of guaranteeing the privacy of the Internet Users.

We report to the Users that on the Web site we use cookies, both our own as those from third parties. These cookies enable us to facilitate the use and navigation, to guarantee the access to specific functions and additionally; they help us to upgrade the web site according to the habits and navigational styles of the Users. LOS PORTALES strictly uses the necessary and essential cookies so that you may use the web site and it may allow you to move freely, to use safe areas or personalized options.

The web site has available links to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube, TripAdvisor and Vimeo. LOS PORTALES does not control the cookies used by these external websites. For more information on them, we advise you to check your own policies regarding cookies.


The following cookies do not authenticate the Users personally, they only provide anonymous statistical information on the navigation in this web site; however, you may turn them off directly by setting up your browser.

Next, you may find a list of the cookies used in this web site:


Name:                         _ga

Type:                          Analytical

Permanence:             2 years.

Purpose: These cookies gather information of your navigational experience in our web portals in a very anonymous way. We can keep record of the number of visitors of the page or the most popular content.


Name:                        _icl current language

Type:                          Language

Permanence:             2 years.

Purpose: It is used to personalize the selection of a language in the multi-language web sites.


Name:                        __utmb

Type:                          Status of the session

Permanence:             To log off.

Purpose:                     It is used to keep the time when the visitor enters the web site.


Name:                        __utmc

Type:                          Status of the session

Permanence:             30 minutes after logging off.

Purpose: It is used to keep the time when the visitor leaves the web site.


Name:                        __utmt

Type:                          Status of the session

Permanence:             2 years.

Purpose: The _utmt cookie passes the information towards the setVar () method, which creates a specific segment for the users.


Name:                        __utmz

Type:                          Analytical

Permanence:             6 months.

Purpose: It tracks where the visitor comes, search engine used, password that he used and where he is in the world when he has access to a web site. It is used to assign the Google advertising cost.


Name:                        NID

Type:                          Preferences

Permanence:             2 years.

Purpose: The NID cookie contains a single ID that Google uses to remember your preferences and other information, such as your language of choice (for instance, Spanish), the number of search results that you want to view per page (for instance, 10 or 20) and if you want the Google SafeSearch filter to be on or off.


Name:                        ASP.NET SessionId

Type:                          Session cookies

Permanence: At the end of the navigation session.

Purpose: It does not store special data of the user that visits the site. This cookie is created the first time that a user has access to an ASP.NET application with an enabled session. Every time a user wants to authenticate himself in our application, the session is cleared, and this cookie is overwritten in the browser. It is a safety measure in the control of the sessions of the ASP.NET applications.


Name:                        ASPXANONYMOUS

Type:                          Cookies of third parties

Permanence:             3 months.

Purpose: A cookie created by the chat supplier of Vivienda Mylivechat. It stores the session data of the users who use the chat.



If you accept our cookies, you allow us to improve LOS PORTALES web site so we may offer you prime access and to provide you with the most efficient and personalized service.


If you as a User decide not to authorize the processing indicating your nonconformity, we would only use the technical cookies since they are essential to browse our web site. You will be able to keep on using our web site, although, the use of some of the services will be limited and therefore your experience may be less satisfactory.  Keep in mind that if you refuse or delete the web site navigational cookies, we will not be able to save your preferences, some site features will not be operational, we will not be able to offer you customized services, and every time you browse our web site we will have to ask you for your authorization for the use of the cookies again.

If you keeping on browsing our web site without denying your authorization that implies that you accept their use.



For any query regarding this policy, you may write to the following email-address:


LOS PORTALES Web Cookies Policy has been updated as of the month of June.

LOS PORTALES may modify this Cookies Policy based on legislative, regulatory, jurisprudence requirements or with the purpose of adapting such Policy to the instructions issued by the National Authority on Personal Data security, as well as by its own corporate judgment. For that purpose, and since such policies can be updated periodically, we suggest our Users to check them on a regular basis and that you will find at:


Web use conditions


The following conditions regulate the information and the use permitted of the Web site with URL, that the corporation LOS PORTALES S.A, hereinafter identified as “LOS PORTALES”, provides to customers, suppliers and other Users of Internet, hereinafter identified as the “Users”.

The web site has been created and designed with the aim of advertising products and services that we market as well as to provide information about them, and to facilitate any other type of information that we believe can be of interest, thus creating a communication space for the Users.


The access to the web site and the browsing imply acceptance, without reserves, of all the conditions included in this document. The use of given products and or services offered in this web site will also abide to the particular conditions foreseen in each case, which will be understood as accepted just by the use of these products and/or services.


The User undertakes to perform a correct use of the web site pursuant to the current Peruvian legislation and to the conditions established in this document. The User will respond before LOS PORTALES or before third parties for any damage and/or loss that may arise due to the non-compliance of such obligations.

The use of the web site with intentions to damage goods or interests of LOS PORTALES or third parties or that may overload, damage or disable networks, servers and other data processing equipment or products and information-technology applications of LOS PORTALES or of third parties, is strictly prohibited.

LOS PORTALES reserves the power to make, at any time and without prior notice, the changes and the updates of the information contained in the web site that may be pertinent, as well as of its set up and presentation and its Conditions of Use.

The provision of the service of the Web site has a limited period at the time the User is on-line or connected to any of the services provided. That is why, we suggest the Users to read these Conditions of use carefully every time they try to enter and make use of the web site, since they are subject to changes.

LOS PORTALES does not guarantee the absence of disruptions or errors in the access to the web site or to its content, nor if it is updated. LOS PORTALES will carry out, provided that this does not imply causes that make it impossible or of difficult execution, and as soon as it is informed of the errors, disruptions or if the contents are not updated, all those necessary tasks to solve those errors in order to reestablish communication and to update the contents.

Both the access to the web site as the non-authorized use of the information is the exclusive responsibility of the person who performs it. LOS PORTALES will not be liable for any consequences, damage or loss that may arise from this access or use. LOS PORTALES shall not be liable for any security breach that may arise from the possible damages in the User’s computer system, his files or documents, due to: the presence of malicious software in the User’s computer used to connect to the web site contents, of a browser malfunction, or the use of outdated versions of the browser. LOS PORTALES shall not be liable for the contents linked from the web site, provided that they are someone else's, neither guarantees the absence of malicious software nor other elements in them that may produce changes in the computer system, in the User’s documents or files, waiving any responsibility for the damages of any type caused by this reason.

If any User considered that the content or the services provided by the Web site links are illegal or they damage goods or his own rights or those of a third party, and that this may involve the payment of a compensation, he will have to notify LOS PORTALES.


If a User considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the illegal character of the use of any content and or of the realization of any activity on the Web site, and particularly, the violation of intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights, will have to notify LOS PORTALES with the following information:

  1. Data of the person or entity submitting the claim: Name, address, telephone and email address.
  2. Description of the supposed illegal activity carried out in the Web site and particularly, when it is about a supposed violation of rights, the specific and concrete indication of the protected contents as well as its location in the Web site, and the facts or circumstances that reveal the illegal character of this activity.
  • Handwritten signature or equivalent, with the personal data of the holder of the rights supposedly infringed or of the person authorized to act on his behalf.



The following information is provided to the internet users so they may forward their requests, issues and complaints:





For all purposes, the access to the web site does not require the previous subscription or registration of the Users. LOS PORTALES conditions the use of access to the private part of the web site to customers and suppliers, by means of the entry of a user and password that LOS PORTALES facilitates directly.

In order to contact THE LOS PORTALES by email, it is necessary for the User to facilitate his data by using a form. The data facilitated by the User will be inputted in a database, which will be processed according to the Privacy Policy that can be found in this web site.


  1. LINKS

Establishing a link to the web site implies the existence of past or current relations between LOS PORTALES and the owner of the web site where it is established. It implies for LOS PORTALES neither acceptance nor the approval of its contents or services. Any other use of the contents of the web site in favor of non-authorized third parties is strictly prohibited.


LOS PORTALES does not assume any responsibility for the information contained in third-party web sites that one may access through links or search engines from the Web.



LOS PORTALES is the holder of the intellectual property rights that refer to its products and services, regarding third-party references. The reproduction, alteration, distribution, public communication, availability, extraction, reuse, or the use of any nature, by whatever means possible or procedure, of any of them is prohibited, except in the cases in which the holder of the corresponding rights authorizes it. The non-authorized use of the information contained in the web site, its resale and the damage to the intellectual property rights of LOS PORTALES will give rise to the liabilities established. The Users will have to respect all the intellectual property and industrial rights in the web site.



All of the information regarding the processing and the protection of the personal data facilitated to us are in our Privacy Policy.




All of the information in the cookies in general and in the ones used in the web site specifically is in our Cookies Policy.



The current Web use conditions will be interpreted in accordance with the current Peruvian legislation on the matter, which will be applicable alternatively in everything that has not been foreseen.


For the resolution of all the disputes or issues related to the web site or the activities developed in it, the current Peruvian legislation shall apply. LOS PORTALES and Users specifically shall abide to it, with express waiver to any other jurisdiction. The Courts and Tribunals of the Judicial District of the City of Lima shall be competent to resolve all of the conflicts derived or related.

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